Email Campaign Creation
Craft  dynamic emails at the click of a mouse.
Problems delivering to your email data?
How does online email cleansing work?

What separates a good email campaign from a great one? Innovation - An intriguing message - A clean, bold layout that gives the eye something to linger on. With dozens of templates, an easy drag-and-drop editor, reports and tracking that give you plenty to analyse, your email campaigns are destined to be a hit.

Schedule your Email Campaign

You can create you campaign now and send it right away or you can also schedule campaigns to go out days, weeks or months later. At the time of scheduling you can see your own time zone as well.

Get everything you need for your next email campaign

From targeting your ideal prospects to designing, delivering, and tracking your email, you can do it all online with our Email Campaign Builder. Or you can let our experts do it all for you. Whichever approach you choose, here’s what you can expect with every Locate email campaign:

Locate Ventures offers complete Email campaign management. It includes: Email design, campaign, monitoring, reporting and analytics, and A/B test strategy.

Use statistical analysis techniques to build subscriber profiles and map their life cycle